Mercedes ML Alloys and Grabber AT2s

Fitted the Merc ML alloys which are I bought off ebay. The reason I went for these wheels is because they have the same PCD as VW wheels, the ML has GVW of 2800kg the same as my VW T4. Also I wanted to go for 16″ wheels to fit AT type tyres and I now have 5 wheels as I didn’t own a spare before.

I went for General Grabber AT2 as they get good write ups for on road and light off road use, the size I went for is 215/70 so they are about 9% larger than std T4 steelies. I had to get some spigot rings made up as the Merc centrebore is larger than VW but it only cost me a couple of beers.

Went for a test drive and they don’t seem to noisy. I just need to sort out some covers for the centrebores and sort the rust wheel nuts.

You might have noticed my new Kamei carbon design roof box which is fitted ready for our trip.

  • How about a full side on picture of those wheels and tyres? Im interested to see how much clearance you have, especially at the rear!
    I was looking to see what tyres are available, theres not a great choice in 16″ 102/104 weight rating if you want chuncky offroad look. Infact I couldn’t find any! The General Grabber is only rated to 100 about 810K is it safe? Does the increase in diameter afect the stearing geometry, camber angle?

  • Hi Fendi, yes 100 rating is fine and you actually only need a 98 on a T4. Clearance wise there is a about an inch, it would be possible to goto 225 75 16″ with a little bit of trimming. Going bigger tyre wise shouldn’t unduly affect the geometry, tyres + suspension lift will though.

  • Hi Clive am seriously considering buying some ML wheels for my T4 but you mention having some spigot rings made up any chance your mate could make some more up ? willing to pay via paypal ebay or something.

  • Hey have you noticed any uneven tyre wear with your oversized tyres?

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