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Bed platform and Rear Lights

I’ve been a bit busy of late so I’ve not made much progress on the van. I’ve still got a few pieces of the Styleline kit to fit but its not worth doing this till I’ve threaded the wiring.

Today I cut some holes for the platform which is behind the back seat and forms part of the bed. Working out the position of the cuts was a real headache and in the end I cut off more than I would have liked. Its hidden from view anyway so not much of a problem really though. I then bonded some nut plates to the wheel arches which provide lateral support for the platform.

I didn’t have much time left so I quickly swapped the standard orange rear lights for some with smoked indicator lenses, I’ve had these sitting around for a while. I then started work on the back doors panels as I’ve decided this is probably the best location for my 6 x 9 speakers as they will be out of the way. To fit these securely I need to reinforce behind the panel to stop the speakers resonating and give me some material to screw into. I used some plywood for this and bonded it to the doors with Sika, I then filled any holes with expanded foam as a sealed chamber should sound better.

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