Auction Visit

Today I skived off work for a bit and started looking for a suitable lowish mileage 2.5 102BHP TDI T4. I took a trip to the Auctions on a day when about 20 plus Ex AA T4s were going through. The advantage of these is that they have windows already fitted and should be well looked after. When I looked around the auction there seemed to be quite a variation in condition depending on the nature of the AA man. I was also quite suprised how much they sold for as even rough high mile ones were selling for about 3k plus, I was going to have to spend over 5k for a 2001 plate 60k miles one. On leaving the Auction I saw a van which had earlier gone through and being driven away was broken down in the carpark, this has put me off buying from the auction.

On returning home I’ve had a look on the Autotrader website and noticed there is a firm called Beeston Brothers selling the Ex AA T4’s for about the same as the auction. They have a good selection and for the same price as the auction the van would be cleaned, I would get a short warranty and be able to get a test drive. They are only just up the road from me to which is a bonus so I’m going to pay them a visit.

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